Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ok, so I've been threatening my husband with this post a long time... and today is the day. I'm going to talk about his carrot obsession while driving up the road to our house. Now why on earth would I blog about this and who, what, where, and why on earth do carrot obsessions only occur when driving on a particular spot on the road? Well my bloggy friends... I'm here to tell you! First, it didn't happen if it isn't blogged about, right? So that's the why I choose to tell this story, and why carrots have anything to do with this spot on the road... well...

It started one evening when we were driving home from our Community Group, Loving Husband said that he was snacky and that a carrot sounded delicious. I noticed we were nearing the gym at the time and I snickered to myself at the healthy choice of snack he was craving. He went on to describe the specific carrot he was interested in. It wasn't too out of left field because he had just recently purchased and consumed these mini carrots. Not the stubby pre-cut bag-o-carrots, but these were mini carrots that still looked fully intact. Anyway, that was the first incident on the road home and the carrot thoughts.

Round Two with Carrots-On-The-Brain occurred a few days later when we were headed home from church. Different time of day, and he started to talk of carrots, and I look up and I see almost instantly and see that we are passing the very same gym. I take note of it and mutter an "ok" to my husband. Nothing major takes place.

Third time is the charmer... and it has sealed the fate of that spot on the road. Yes, a third time we drove by the very same gym on the road to home (always GOING home, never leaving home) and again Loving Husband starts his chatter about carrots. It is finally THIS time that I point out that he consistently talks about carrots every time we pass this spot on the road. There isn't orange around, there aren't pictures of bunnies, there is nothing carrot like in the immediate vicinity... but he has COTB syndrome in that location. And of course now that I've pointed it out (and almost certainly now that I've mortified him by blogging about it) he thinks about carrots when we drive by the local gym on the road to home. But now that it's blogged about - there's no forgetting.

But truthfully, things like that often happen to us. For me, and I'm sure for Loving Husband, there are songs that will take me back to a very specific place in time. The song triggers in you the memory. For me there are certain songs that take me back to a certain time period or summer. Others that remind me of people: family, friends, exs.... I know there are songs my husband can't listen to because they recall embarrassing moments, and I have a few of those too. It's funny how songs and locations trigger certain memories. Apparently for Loving Husband the local gym and the road home reminds him of carrots.

Any song or location remind you of anything?


Turtles In North Dakota said...

ooooh that is a loaded question! I may have to ponder it for awhile. I am always craving something crazy for no reason at all.Lol.Oh yeah stopping by from SITS.Ü

Crazee Juls said...

How funny & a little strange..! :) But strange is a good thing...I would think he might be just a little crazee...

Hmmm, every time I hear the song "Red, Red Wine" I think of Jazzercise class when I was like 8, because that was our warm-up song for that class. I can still feel the pain from trying to stretch my chubby arms down to my toes................. It's true.

Rebekah said...

That is funny!! When it spring first arrives and we have our windows open, it always brings me back to when I'd come home from school and my grandmother would have our windows open and the smell in the house.

Stoppping by from SITS!!

tammy said...

hehe, next time you are going to be passing the gym you should pack along a little baggie of his fav. carrots...just to see his reaction when you pull them out. ;) Funny about the gym triggering a carrot craving. I should probably start driving around all our local gyms.

stopping by from SITS just to say hello!