Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Readying for the party!

The Annual New Years Eve Party is rapidly approaching....

Loving Husband and I are buzzing around getting all the final touches in order and then decorating will commence shortly. This years theme is the 70s! And why not groove into the new year in a quite amusing theme. Below is our invite - sorry blogging world you're not invited to our event - but you can be amused by my husband's prose!

What do Pet Rocks, leisure suits, and Jimmy Hoffa all have in common? New Age hedonism? Standing up to "The Man"? A well-deserved end? NO! They are all part of this year's "Righteous New Year's Eve"!

Yes that's right, join us in remembering an era (presumably) gone forever, and celebrate in a "far out" way! Hippies, environmentalists, and feminists unite! Roll out that Flower Power! (Alternatively, recall that the 70s also included the Cold War, Vietnam, Buck Rogers, and Hawaii Five-0.) :)

Whether you're a NARC, Granola, Spaz, or Crook, it's all copacetic. Bring on the Farrah Fawcett hair, mustaches, and bell-bottoms, and boogie like it's 1970-something! Drink as much or as little as you like, nobody is going to harsh your buzz.

If you're a fan of the Brady Bunch, Star Wars, Bruce Lee, or the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Israel still kicked the **** out of its neighbors! Er, that is-- Don't be a Jive Turkey! Invite someone cool, dress for the occasion, and there will be plenty of peace and love to go around at this year's RIGHTEOUS NEW YEAR'S EVE!

Also for your amusement pleasure enjoy our two past parties and then glorious themes that accompanied them. Can you guess the decades we enjoyed our frivolity in?

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