Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Years "Resolutions"

I am not one to have "resolutions" for the new year. I don't want to kick a habit (I like all of mine, hehe) and I don't have anything life conquering I wish to accomplish by the end of 2009, but typically at the beginning of a new year I like to set a goal. For the last two years that goal has been regarding my reading. I love books, and the last two years it has been fun to see how much I can read in different manners. In 2007 I read 30 books. In 2008 the goal was page count, to date the page count complete is 13,001 pages. And in 2009 I'm going to have a very active little boy and reading is going to be extremely hard to complete in any "goal" reaching manner. I still have book club so I'll at least attempt to read 11/12 books within the year of 2009 and knowing me will still make a fairly decent dent in all the books of the world. :) But I am going to go with a new goal of 2009.
I'm going to become a blogger. I already have been a pretty consistent fair-weather blogger since 2004 - but my goal for 2009 is to post at least a couple times a week. I originally started this blog to allow people not connected with myspace to be able to read my posts on Ace, but the more time I spent here the more that I realized my 2009 goal was staring me in the face.
In light of this new goal, I decided to combine all three of my blogs and thus I've spent the day backlogging old posts from myspace and livejournal (my original blog.) Not every post made it's way to this blog - but a good percentage have and thus my collection is here. I'm not sure back-dating is "legal" in the blogging world, but I figure they were blogged SOMEWHERE in the cyber world so it shouldn't be that taboo to combine them all into one blogging hemisphere.
So that's it! My 2009 goal - to blog at least twice a week on this here blog! I'll still post some on myspace - but for the most part this will be 2009's location to look for the happenings of the Ebenezer* Family.
* name changed to protect everyone. Really it's for your own good. ;-)
++ UPDATE January 2, 2009 ++
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