Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ace's Dictionary

All parents call their children nicknames. There are traditional ones and then of course each family has their own unique samplings of names for their children. In order to preserve the memory of Ace’s early names I decided to create a dictionary – a glossary of terms so to speak (ha!) so that I can remember them as they fade and evolve into new names.

**Bear, Baby Bear: As Ace has grown and turned into a bigger boy - we have doned him with the nickname Baby Bear or Bear. Since I'm Mama Bear it's only fitting that he is baby bear. :)
Billy goat: Already this nickname has become somewhat obsolete. When Ace was first born he would stretch and make this little noise that sounded just like a billy goat neighing. It was the most adorable sound and already he has grown out of it. I miss it, but it’s tucked into the back of my brain and if I close my eyes I can still hear it. I hope it stays tucked there and isn’t dislodged by something frivolous.
Oog: This is a new name mainly used by Ace’s dad, but it represents Ace’s favorite “word” – he says it all the time. ooooooooG, sometimes it’s just oooo – but he will talk and talk and talk and say oog as long as you’ll listen and we plan to listen for a long time.
Salmon: Since the day he was born he liked to use every muscle he had to try and arch away from us, as if he was trying to fling himself free. He arches his back as far away from whomever is carrying him and like a salmon jumping out of the water tries to get away. Often he will do it when he’s fussing, but sometimes he’ll just do it for a different view on life.
Sleepy Sam: The “S”s are big in this household. Sam is used often accompanied by Sleepy, Sneezy, and perhaps a few other dwarfs… merely to describe Ace’s current state of being. We don’t plan to call him Sam on a regular basis…. But it’s used every so often so into the dictionary it does go.
Snacker: This is probably his ultimate nickname. This boy likes to eat for 5 minutes and then take a break, then eat for a minute and then look at something, then be done for a long while and then return again for another snack. Some of that early on was due to excessive milk flow and no need to eat for a long time – but he truly is a snacker and not a marathon eater.
Snoozer: This is used in a combo of the traditional meaning – a baby who naps and also in a unique application of the word in that this boy is a snoozer. He’s started in recent days/weeks to get into a better routine of a “nap” but until then he wouldn’t nap for longer than 20 minutes during the day. He acted as a snooze button would. Very short “naps”
The Milk Bringer: That’s me. My beloved husband has bestowed this delightful title onto myself when talking to our son about eating or coming to see me. And while I am also mama – when it is time for Ace to eat I am referred to as The Milk Bringer. I am sure as time evolves there will be a far more elaborate tale to go along with my title – I’m sure this definition will have an expansion.
Walker: Ace has been trying to walk since the womb. He’s had the strongest legs of any baby that I’ve ever met. He has been taking steps since he was 6 weeks old and has been ooching to get moving since he arrived in this world. He’ll kick his legs when his dad holds him, he will walk across a room now (with help of course) to come get one of his parents… he just wants to walk… and thus “walker”So that is what comes to mind at the moment.

I will continue to update this dictionary as more terms come to mind. Merry Christmas everyone!

**UPDATED 8/17/09

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