Monday, December 29, 2008

Best of 2008

Best Event: Becoming a mother

Best Movie: Sex and the City: The Movie

Best Over-Played Song:
Kokomo by The Beach Boys (yep it's the only thing that calms the boy down in the car... so we've heard it a FEW times this year.)

Best Book: The Friday Night Knitting Club

Best New-ity of 08:

Most Shocking News of 08: Dana had to have her lungs glued to her insides!

MW's Word of the Year: bailout
Jo's Word of the Year: Ace

Events of 2008 in no particular order as usual:
1. Baby showers!
2. 4th anniversary at The Lodge
3. Reading over 13000 pages
4. SATC Weekend with Carrie
5. Discovering I have Purpura annularis telangectoides
6. 30 hours of labor
7. The presidential election
8. The 20" of snow in December
9. Visit with Derek & Jen in Cali
10. Snowing in late April!


Alison said...

Sounds like a good year :)

JamieH said...

Sounds like a pretty great year! 130,000 pages?!