Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Months Old

My little girl is 2 months old. The time is just speeeding by!

Newness in month two: her first holiday (Valentine's Day), meeting Grandma Carol and her Aunt & Uncle, 'officially' rolling over, size 1 diapers, her first time in snow, and sleeping 'through the night' once.

Mae has had another great month! She is such an agreeable and content baby. So happy! She truly looks at you when you're talking and tries to listen and understand. She certainly knows the word milk and gets very excited when talked about. She's uber smiley first thing in the morning. She loves to stare and look at her big brother. She is content and happy to play on her play mat for long stretches of time without needing constantly having mommy or someone near her (very helpful in recent days!)

Sleep wise she is doing great. She naps a few times a day - a lot of the time it's on me, but she can transfer most of those times, allowing Ace to have some one-on-one time with mommy. She varies at night on when she really wants to go to sleep for the night. Sometimes it is as early as 8pm and others as late as 10pm. She typically will sleep on my chest until I'm ready to head to bed, then I'll swaddle her up and lay her to sleep. 90% of the time she transfers without needing to eat again. She averages around 4 hours between wakings and does great to simply go back to sleep after some food.

Playing has increased in these last few weeks and she loves her playmat. There are several toys dangling from it on either side and she absolutely loves to just lay on her back and bat at the toys. It's really adorable to watch and it's great since this past week her brother has been sick, so when they are both awake it is a good way to keep her entertained and away from her brother. She got a new dolly in this past month and cuddles it all the time she's in her carseat and often throughout the day - and occasionally at night as well. She is well aware it's there because once she was playing with it and it fell from her grasp and she instantly was sad and made it known she wanted it back! It was adorable. I don't know that I'd say she's "attached" to it - but it certainly is a favorite.

Kokomo has returned to our household.... uuuugh. Yes, after attempting several other soothing methods and music for the rare times she's fussy in the car or elsewhere - as a 'final' attempt I gave Kokomo a shot. If you recall it was an instant soother for Ace for a looong time. We must have listened to that song over 1000 times. So you can guess my hesitancy in attempting it as a soother for Mae. But once again it is full-proof. Seriously within seconds of putting it on she was calm. I've got it downloaded to my phone and if she's cranky in the grocery store, I can simply put it on and toss it in her carseat with her and she's happy as a lark to listen to her song. Ace the moment his sister starts to fuss, for whatever reason, where ever we are he says "Put kokomo on for sister so she'll calm down, mom." It's pretty adorable and I'm happy there is something that works. What is hidden in that music?!

Smiling has really come into play full force around here. She is so happy and loves to smile. I absolutely love it and she does well to do it for the camera to ;-) I love it. :) She is starting to grasp things more and more - although I still don't think she's entirely aware that she is doing it. She's got a pretty strong grip though because if she doesn't want to let something go, it's a struggle to get her to release it!

Mae had her doctor's appointment today and got a clean bill of health and told that she looks great! Her stats are: 9lbs 10.9oz (21%), 21.5" long (18%) and her head is 37cm (10%) - to compare her brother was in the 94th percentile for height at 2 months and was 3" taller than her. She's itty bitty, but is growing super well on her growth curve. The doctor is very pleased.

It's been another great month and we're looking forward to her third!

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she's looking so much like aiden, too!