Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trending Upward!

Another day and more progress! Hooray! Yes, if you're counting with me - today marks Day Five of our hospital stay. I am surprisingly well rested all things considered, but I'm still pretty tired. Did I just contradict myself? I don't think so. I think for anyone who has ever had to endure hospitals for a lengthy period of time would understand what I mean. I'm not 'hospital' tired, I'm just regular 'new parent' tired. I'll take it.

Yesterday was another good day. Mae's mucus was a bit thicker and did require deep suction but while that seems like a negative (and it is) it is also a positive in that she was getting it OUT! She had good coughs off and on all day. Did not see the RT until after 9pm and did everything mostly on her own! Great job little girl.

She is talking up a storm. It's the most adorable thing... ever! After a cough or something she'll start to chatter and talk to me. It's so sweet and she continues to smile a LOT. Mae is also quite smart and aware - she starts to fuss immediately when the suction noise is heard - and that isn't even when it's near her yet. She also in the past few days has shown some great insight - like when her IV had 'fallen out' (she worked that sucker until it was entirely out of her foot a few days ago...) she raised her leg up over and over again into the nurse's face. It was so cute. She's like 'HEY look at this!' She is also quite crafty in working her oxygen tubes off her face and she does it quite sneakily. If you note in later pictures her little sticker has been moved so she wasn't able to accomplish this. ;-)

Maybe nobody will notice if I do this...

Mae passes her time with lots of things... eating, sleeping, playing with her toys and a new favorite yesterday - watching the lines on her monitor. She was a happy girl during her wiggle time to just sit and watch the lines go up and down - and with three different colors of course she would be. :) Mommy was able to pass some time too with a visit from Bri who brought me lunch and watched some SATC with me for a while. :) Thanks, Bri!

Looking intently at those lines and chattering up a storm

Playing with the bunny her brother gave her

Our night went well - the worst of it was that it didn't start until 1am. Yep little miss has her schedule ALL a mess... Yikes! She was content to wiggle and get herself to sleep in fact she was still awake when I gave up assisting and told her good night. She eventually put herself to sleep and slept until nearly 6am. So all that fighting sleep resulted in a good 5 hour stretch! Yay baby girl. At that time we did some deep suctioning, followed shortly by some olive tip suctioning, followed by some sleeping next to momma.

This morning has been a super encouraging start. Our nurse Elva came in and did the icky deep suctioning again and then took Mae off her IV entirely (IV is still in for now) and took her off her leads (monitor for heart rate and respiration levels)!!! YAY! AND lowered her oxygen from 0.5 to 0.4 - SO EXCITED! She's doing so well and we're that much closer to going home. We will continue to stay as long as her mucus is as thick and plentiful as it is - as we do not have the equipment at home to do the suctioning that she needs to ultimately get better, but the fact that she's hydrating well and her HR and RR don't need to be monitored constantly is a GREAT sign!

Look! Less wires!!!

Today is off to an excellent start! Continue to pray that we can wean her off the oxygen, her mucas would decrease/cease, and that her lungs start to sound clearer! She's doing so well!

Such a sweetheart through this all!

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