Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Week

Mae has now officially been in the hospital for one week. Today, Day Seven appears to be the last day as well. WOOHOO! She has officially been off oxygen for 31 hours and counting. :) And they are rumoring a likely afternoon release!

So happy to be off oxygen!

Yesterday was a great day. She had a few rounds of destating when she slept in the morning and early afternoon - similar to the day before. However THIS time she wasn't on oxygen so I wasn't as discouraged by it. She slept well though even though she was still not breathing as deep. It wasn't labored breathing it was just somewhat blocked breathing by the mucus. By evening though when she snoozed she was only causing the bell to go off (below 88) a couple of times and some of that was positional. In the night she was 95 or higher the entire time. WONDERFUL!

During the awake time during the day - she was so happy! She was smiley and talking up a storm. We had a good day smiling and cooing at each other. She was also super happy to move her legs around a lot - causing the oxygen monitor to go all crazy many times because it just couldn't read when she was kicking so much. :) She also is starting to get better at grabbing (or pulling towards her mouth) toys. Not quite entirely purposefully yet, but she knows what she wants to do and she gets it every now and again - and this time she was so excited to finally get the mouse to her mouth!

Success! I got it! Yum!

She still received 4-5 rounds of deep suctioning, but less to keep her stats up and more to just get the junk OUT. I continued to use RT Vibrations to loosen up the junk in her lungs and to get her to cough it up and it seems to have been productive - she sounds CLEAR in her lungs both the nurse and the resident doctor said this morning! Yay!!

My favorite two boys brought me some dinner and I was able to sit with Ace while I ate dinner in the family room, and I read him a few stories that they had in there. It was nice. to have a little time together again. We also found a place to measure him and Ace is officially 3ft tall! Loving Husband got to see how good Mae is looking and spend a little time with her. Even though she had some separation from mommy anxiety. :( She calmed down and got a good snuggle in with her dad.

Reading with momma

Her nighttime nurse came and got everything ready to settle in for the night - we weighed her and she has more or less maintained her weight since entering the hospital. She weighed 9lbs 10oz and she weighed in last night at 9lbs and 6oz. :) Not too shabby! The nurse swaddled her into a little burrito and she drifted off to sleep by 10:45! Woohoo MUCH earlier than many of these recent nights when she was squirmmy and awake until midnight or 1am! Eeek! After falling asleep at 10:45pm she slept until 4:30am before needing milk again - and honestly she probably would have kept sleeping, but she had to be poked and prodded for her vitals and so she woke up enough she wanted a snack. But she is working on some good stretches of sleep!

She continues to snooze this morning, but as mentioned both the nurse and the resident have said she sounded good and after the attending signs off on her release we can start the discharge process! Things we're up to this morning after she wakes up will be a BATH - it's been two weeks almost since she's had a proper bath. We are once-a-week bathers for her and her bath was due to be had the morning she went to the ER... so we're a bit behind. ;-)

We are so blessed that this was caught and that she ultimately fared very well. It could have been much worse and while we've been in the hospital for a week, it has been relatively positive experience. All the nurse and doctors are wonderful and we were in wonderful hands here at Children's. ... although I am sick of PB&J.... ;-) Thank you for all the prayers - continue to pray that we avoid any more illness this cold and flu season!

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