Sunday, March 20, 2011

My *Favorite* Visitor

Mae has been in the hospital for 5 days now on isolation. Which means a few things: 1. We get our own room, 2. Any food or drink that comes in the room cannot go out, 3. You must use antibacterial when you enter the room and again before you leave the room, and 4. No guests under the age of 10 - no exception. Including Ace. :(

The longest I had previously been away from my boy was last May when I went to California over Memorial Weekend. I was gone from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon. That's it. Until now. The last time I saw him was Wednesday around noon. He's either been with the grandparents or dad since then. He's done very well and made me that sweet card the other day. I've called him the last couple of nights during bedtime and sang him a few songs and that has been nice for us both... but what we really needed we got today. :)

I've missed him sooo much!

The boys came to visit! They arrived around 10:45 and Loving Husband and I did the switch while Ace waited with our nurse Elva outside the room. LH and I coordinated a little bit and then I left the room, got Ace, and we headed down to the Starbucks that is on the first floor. Ace and I enjoyed some pumpkin bread and he had a juice box and I had a short decaf peppermint mocha ;-)

Talking to Elva and waiting for us
After that we headed back to the room to check on dad and sister and grab my phone which I had forgotten. We headed to the gift shop to roam around - there are lots of little toys around there and so it was nice to let him play around with some of the things - and we got him his first Pez! He chose a Sally from Cars and he was excited - as we were checking out he says "Mom can I get something for sister?" and I said "Sure, what did you have in mind?" and he walks around and says "Hmm I think a butterfly." Where does he come up with this stuff? I love it! I started to search for a butterfly, he found one on a pen - our 10 week old doesn't need a writing utensil, so we moved on... and then he found something that had butterflies! I was impressed, because I had missed it. :) He brings it over to me and he says "Sister needs this one." I said ok and we headed to the register.

A present to sister from her brother

We brought it back to the room and he stood at the door and watched as I handed it to his sister. He smiled and the two of us headed out again to run around outside for a little bit. After some good running around we came back upstairs and the boys headed out to grab us some lunch. Upon their return I was nursing Mae and so I ate my food in the room and they went down the hall to have theirs. After nursing Mae I went down and traded out with Loving Husband. I helped Ace finish his lunch during which time I sang songs to him. After he finished we walked back and said good bye and that I'd see him soon... and he said "Ok, but you should stay and help sister get better." Such a good sweet boy. I love and miss him so much. Can't wait to be home with him and Mae for good.

Ace made a good choice Mae loves it...
Look close and you can see the butterflies.

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