Saturday, December 17, 2011

Women's Christmas Dessert

Every year my holiday season is started off with a gathering together of some of my favorite women and celebrating the season with candlelight, Christmas pageantry, holiday songs, and cheer.  :)  This year was no different and just as magical... well I had one complaint - they could have made it much darker so the candlelight really would have made the statement.   I suspect this was for the elderly attending, my suggestion for next year is for flashlights to be provided for those that needed extra lighting. Perhaps some of the men  can serve as ushers instead of waiters.  I digress.. aside from too much florescent lighting above, it was a beautiful night!   Bri, D, and Jackie and Dana all got into the creative spirit on tables this year and they turned out wonderful! 
Bri's table, Dana & Jackie's table, and Danielle's table

One of my favorite things was the tree that Bri had on her table.  It was so delicate and caught the light so nicely.  :)  I enjoyed staring at it while I consumed way too many tiny desserts.  

It was a nice night to celebrate the start of the season and to see some friendly faces we don't get to see too often.   It's hard to believe that it's already been so long ago and that Christmas is in less than 10 days now!  

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! It's a good thing LH is so amazing. Watching kids, bringing bacon, maintaining his impressive physique. Glad he helped you have fun this Christmas! Have fun decorating the tree! :-)