Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Christmas

First let me say we had a WONDERFUL Christmas.  In spite of many things...   

We began our morning in prayer and then head downstairs.  Ace was so excited!  He just couldn't wait to get down there and get into everything.  His excitement was infectious.  :)  Mae, still battling a cold and not really understanding was content to go along for the ride.

Downstairs we went and it was a frenzy of wrapping, stockings, and excitement! Mae enjoyed a cautious observation, but was quite happy with things in her stocking.  I got her a wallet of her very own - and she pulled the cards in and out.  It was adorable.   Ace was SO excited about everything.   I loved it.  His smile was genuine and his joy was present.   I love the 'magic' of Christmas.

We all opened our presents from Ace - mine were beautiful flowers that I had already received the day before.  Ace chose them especially for me.  Ace picked out a pair of flashlights for his dad so that he and his father could go for walks in the dark with them.  For his sister he got her some weebles.  Excellent choices as she absolutely loved them and played with them repeatedly throughout the morning.     He did a good job choosing with some guided direction - inexpensive (roughly $5 presents) for his family members. 

Another exciting present was from his Auntie Dawn... a few weeks into Christmas a catalog arrived in the mail and he was flipping through it and came upstairs going on and on about how he didn't want a camera or a swarmfire (gasp!) but that he really wanted THIS: a remote controlled car.   He probably stared at that picture for a solid ten minutes, taking in every angle, every picture (all 4 of them) and I'm sure just imagining the possibilities - his Christmas present had already been purchased by us though, so I shot his Auntie an email and she happily made his Christmas wish come true and the reaction was so great!

Mae was adorable and very observant and watching everything that was going on. She participated in paper unwrapping with curiosity, but she was certainly more interested in the item within the wrapping than the actual paper. She wanted whatever was under that wrapping and she wanted it out of its box for her to manipulate/play with right away. She got books, dolls, puppets, and a tea set and she has since played again with them all, but her favorite by far was that wallet.

Ace all month has been showing us various things he has been wanting - but one stood out over all others: the Nerf SWARMFIRE gun!  Yes, literally - he had a hawk eye for it in the stores, he could find it without fail in any advertisement, and he was so excited by it.  When I asked him what he thought his dad would like for Christmas his answer was "A swarmfire!"  Um No.   Same thing was his answer when his father posed the question a few days later about what to get for mom.  Amusing and quite smart!  No fret young anxious one...  His Aunt and Uncle bought it for him and remained 'hidden' until the end of unwrapping this morning.   It was quite exciting!

Now this Christmas I seemed to be batting a 1000 in the prepared department - on Christmas Eve minutes before it was rolling over to Christmas, Loving Husband asked where the other part of Mae's ladybug was that he was supposed to blow up.   What are you talking about, LH?   Apparently, there were two pieces of Mae's present and I failed to get the main portion of it.   Siiigh.  Oh well, she had her stocking, and a sad deflated ladybug 'mat' for the time being.    Then after all the excitement of the swarmfire: the build up, the opening, the unwrapping.. I grabbed the C batteries... all four that I had gotten for the gun that required six!  Are you kidding me????  Sheesh.   Our calls to the neighbors turned up nada - the boy and his dad would have to head to the gas station to get the other two.   Siigh.  Oh well funny memories for later... Later.

After presents were unwrapped, Loving Husband got to cooking and we enjoyed some breakfasts and phone calls with various friends and family members.    After that, around 11 we got a bit of excitement - about 30 minutes after breakfast Mae broke out in hives and coughing - 911 was called - paramedics arrived - her and her mommy were carted off in an ambulance to the hospital for monitoring - and 90 minutes after that we were headed home!  Oh yah! No lie.    It was quite the ordeal - she's ok and we'll have some follow up appointments with the doctor this week.   What a way to make a statement for your first Christmas, baby girl! 

After that it was a low key afternoon - nap times for both kiddos while LH played video games and I watched some Christmas movies with a sleep healthy Mae.   Followed pretty closely by dinner and then we gathered around to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas one last time before Ace's bedtime to close out Christmas on Ace's 4th Christmas and Mae's 1st.    And what a sentiment to close on - on a day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the joy of family, and the health and safety of our little girl.     Merry Christmas indeed!

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