Friday, December 9, 2011

A girl and her shoes...

Most women are shoe-obsessed, or at least have a good appreciation of their art beyond just function.    I am a shoe-obsessed woman.   I have waaay too many of them and I love to buy them.  While I am not going to try and instill an obsession in my daughter, I won't lie I was excited to get her first pair of shoes.   I was excited to get Ace his first pair too, but not in quite the same way.   Boy shoes are just that: shoes.   But for girls, even tiny girls, they are such adorable fashion statements.   :) 

Now that Mae is walking a bit more it was time to get her first pair of walkers.   I probably would have waited a couple of more weeks, but she doesn't like to keep socks on and so shoes were more necessary to keep her feet warmer than anything else.    So we headed to Nordstrom in mid-November and were off to find her some shoes.

Her brother joined us on this adventure and he did very well watching the process of finding his sister shoes.   Mae did well getting her foot measured: two little feet measuring a solid 3.5 shoe size.   Which meant we went with a size 4 shoe for a little bit of room to grow.      

We found a pair of little mary janes that would go well with most of her clothing and have a bit of sparkle to them to boot.  Bonus they were on sale!   So for $19.95 we had Mae's first pair of shoes.   Can't beat that - I think Ace's first pair was closer to $50 for basically the same boy equivalent shoe. 

Since this was Mae's first pair of shoes, she was gifted a little Nordy to take home with her and she was very much into snuggling with her Nordy.  Ace received a balloon and we were on our way home! 

Mae did very well to not try and take off her shoes - she was curious about them, but was even willing to walking on her feet with them on.  She's officially a stylish walker with her cute mary janes.    Congrats on your first pair of shoes, baby girl!


Mom said...

If she becomes a shoe-a-holic you'll have to move to a bigger place..

Stacy Luce said...

Nice shoes! Those are the same ones little H has!