Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Tree Decorator!

"Mom, can we decorate a little?"   This is the question that has been posed to me every day since we got out the tree.   I try to accommodate - as it is true we are slow to complete the decoration process, but I mostly find it amusing that he's so excited to decorate for Christmas.   I asked him one night what he thought Christmas was about and he said "decorating!"  

I had to stop and pause and have a discussion with him that went something like this...

Me:  Do you understand why we decorate at Christmas time?
A: No.
Me:  Well remember when we decorated for your aunt's birthday party?
A:  Yes, we put up balloons and streamers!
Me:  Yah, that's right.  We did that to help celebrate her birthday.

A:  Oh ok. 
Me:  Do you know that we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas?
A:  YAH!! (said with animated jumps and glee)

Me:  Well, we decorate for Christmas to help celebrate Jesus' birthday, and Jesus is the most important of all and so he gets the most special decorations and that is why he gets so many, because we really want to help celebrate his birthday!
A:  ((excited and jumping))  yah and that's why he gets a TREE! 
Me:  Yep you're right!  So while it is fun to decorate for Christmas, the reason we do it is for Jesus and the reason for celebrating Christmas at all is because...
A:  We want to celebrate Jesus being born! (Said with a big grin!)


Subway Art found here.

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Brenda said...

Where did you get this subway art? Love it. The real reason for Christmas.