Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mae's First Tree

This is Mae's first Christmas.  I love that everything is so new and exciting.  She loves to look at and explore the tree, the Nativity, the Christmas stuffed animals that I have amassed over the years... it's just so fun to see her seeing it for the the first time.

When we first got the tree got the tree out and up (which she watched with little bit of awe - and a lot more distraction of racing back and forth on the couch) she wasn't quite sure.  She and her brother walked around it touching and poking at it.   I then went and broke out the stuffed animals and both kids had a lot of fun with those.  She particularly enjoyed some peek-a-boo with them.

I love to watch her fascination as she looks at the lights and touches them.  I chuckle as I hear her brother say "No, sister you're not supposed to touch them!"  as I gently remind him that he's not the parent but that it's nice he's looking out for his sister's well-being.  :)  She also likes to play peek-a-boo around the tree.  Her brother did as well when he was little. 

Another favorite past time is taking ornaments off the tree.  Once again this year's tree is completely shatterproof.  Breakable ornaments are still on the tree.  Including that one that's got in her hand.  Ace broke him 2 years ago.  Super glue fixed little elf-elmo right up, but after Mae discarded the little guy, I moved him higher up in the tree - he's suffered enough and has graduated to a safer zone.  :)  I try not to encourage too much removal, but at the same time I don't nag and prevent it too often. 

Besides, look how happy it makes her.   I love this time of year, but watching my children explore the wonder makes it all that more cheerful and magical!

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