Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winking and other Ace News

Ace has learned (sorta) how to wink. Often he does it and then says "Is this how you wink?" Yep, you're doing it dude! Good job. ;-) Often he will point at his eye as he is asking. It's adorable, and I'm glad I've captured this - as I am sure it's one more thing he'll outgrow all too soon.

Ace is loving the South! He enjoys the ability to be outside playing more and more and LOVES to play in the water. He has shot up like a weed since we've arrived and is over 3 feet tall now. It's a good thing it's shorts weather now! Otherwise he'd be equipped with some wading pants. ;-) He turns BEET RED though whenever he's out running around in the heat - and it doesn't take very long at all. His little body is just not adapted to this climate. It's pretty cute to see him running around and be so bright red. We just keep pushing water on him and he is content to be bright red. Although it does make noticing sunburns more difficult. Which thankfully we've avoided so far. Ace met a new friend that is a neighbor the other day and he was over playing. The friend is a year younger than Ace, but Ace was good to share his toys and to show him how stuff worked. He occasionally needed some sharing correction from us, but he never fought us once we established the 'rule' of sharing with guests.

Since moving to the South we also got rid of cable. I ordered an antenna for the tv and it is a giant leap from where rabbit ears came from in my childhood. I plugged in this antenna and while we don't get many channels (only ABC, PBS, Fox, and a few off-stations that have weather and what not) They are perfectly clear and in HD (if they broadcast as such) It's amazing! As a result of no cable that means that Ace no longer has his morning dose of Mickey. We own dvds and he enjoys them in that form still occasionally, but he's discovered a whole new world on PBS (which ultimately I think is a step in the right educational direction. Mickey was good for a while, but these programs are a bit more learning intensive and focused on reading which is Ace's next step!) Ace's current favorite on there is Super WHY - which he refers to as The Super Readers. He loves it. He asks over and over and over if I can turn it on. He also has enjoyed Sid the Science Kid, and only once have we I been unfortunately subjected to Barney. YIKES! Thankfully he wasn't an "instant" hit and not much attention was paid to him.

Sleep for him also has improved. Thankfully, Ace no longer is having nightmares! And after he got used to his new room and the fear of the new place - he has been sleeping great. Occassionally, he'll still wake once or twice and come into our room but it is now the exception and not the rule, and I am certain he himself is waking up in the night, but he's putting himself back to sleep. Hurray! I hope that continues to be the case and that the nightmares remain far off. Last night was his first night that we didn't allow him to have water in the night (usually he goes to bed with a sippy cup full of water, and often takes several swigs before he falls asleep and if he wakes up in the night he takes some before putting himself back to sleep.) We know that this will require an adjustment period to find new ways to get himself to sleep. As it was last night he took nearly 2 hours to go to sleep - he stayed quietly in his bed though - so no real complaints are to be had. Sadly though he is waking WAY earlier than he used to back home. He's now bright eyed sometimes as early as 6:30. Um no way. So we got him a clock for his room and he is now told that he isn't allowed to get out of bed until the first number is a 7. This works about 30% of the time, with another 40% of the time being told 'it's not 7 yet, go back to bed' the remaining 30% of the time is a fight.... So it's hit or miss you can say. :) Overall, we couldn't be more thrilled at how well he is doing with sleep compared to just a few months ago.
Ace also has taken to singing with us when we sing him songs before bedtime. He can sing the entire first verse and chorus of "As The Deer" along with the "Lord's Army" song and Twinkle Twinkle. He also can now properly sing his ABCs. He's growing up!

Overall, Ace's adapting to his new surroundings well and having a good time.

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Grammie said...

Great WINK Aiden!! You are absolutly adorable!! Grammie loves you!!