Monday, June 6, 2011

First solid food for Mae!

Between rounds of eating...she loves food!

For weeks and weeks, Mae has joined us at the dinner table sitting in her bumbo chair opening her mouth wide trying to eat whatever we were eating for dinner. And so we finally decided to give her a taste into the 'solid' food world and set up her experience for her first solid food! :) In an attempt to allow Mae to have experience exclusively for Mae we waited until after her big brother went to bed. I try really hard to not have her experiences lessened on the focus of her by having her brother around asking lots of questions, needing attention, wanting help... and I also don't want Ace to feel pushed to the side. So a lot of these milestone activities occur while Ace sleeps. :) So a nice mix of breastmilk and organic rice cereal was prepared and the camera started up...

Dad even gave it a shot... this is our favorite picture... but to be fair to the both of them she did eat a little from dad. It wasn't an outright refusal. ;-)

She overall loved it! I made her a half a tablespoon to start and she gobbled that up and still wanted more and so I made her the second half of a tablespoon. Mixed of course with breastmilk! Yum. I think she would have eaten more, but we cut her off. During her second half of food, Ace came downstairs needing a diaper change, and so we let him share in what was going on and grabbed a picture of the whole family. :)

A few days later, I had Ace help choose what food Mae should eat next! We had peas, carrots, or sweet potatoes to choose from. Ace chose carrots for Mae. It was an excellent choice. She once again gobbled them up with delight. A few days after that she happily gobbled up sweet potatoes. Yesterday... peas were attempted. That was a very obvious NO GO. She would have none of it, couldn't even mask it in the sweet potatoes. I'm not giving up yet, but she certainly voiced her opinion for now that she is anti-peas.

She's growing up so fast! We still aren't giving her 'solid' food every day just yet. We're just starting to introduce it to her and explore with her flavors and tastes. She is still getting plenty of calories with the breastmilk right now. She'll have another month of just 'grazing' on food before she really gets steady meals of 'solid' food. :)

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