Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Changing Pad

It's been a long while since I posted about something crafty! For shame! Especially since I have been pretty busy with crafting, sewing, etc.. So I'll start with my latest project and where my inspiration came from...

Mae's diaper bag came with a changing pad, as many of them do, but this one was giant. Seriously took up 1/3rd of the diaper bag... so that was tossed aside pretty quickly. I was gifted a travel wipe case/changing pad set and so that changing pad is the one that was tossed in the diaper bag. But then there were times like when going for walks in the stroller I didn't need the whole diaper bag and thus taking the gifted travel wipe case that changing pad would need to be transferred from the diaper bag to these various locations.

It became iffy it that changing pad would venture back into the diaper bag and then became problematic when we were out to dinner and it was required and it was not there. So I decided to shop for one. Let me say finding one by itself for a reasonable price... was just not happening. Then I happened upon this pattern at homemade by Jill and decided to gather supplies.

Finding (cute) laminated fabric was the tricky part. Ultimately I found some at Hancock Fabrics and the rest of the supplies and got started. Her pattern calls for fusible fleece, I skipped that for supplies that I already had and simply cut a layer of Warm & Natural batting to put in between the two layers. I also skipped the hook and loop method of closure and went for a more simplistic ribbon sewn in the middle with a fancy stitch. I burned the ends of the ribbon so that they won't fray over time. I also made it an inch wider than the pattern called for. I like a little more wiggle room. :)

This was my first project on my new sewing machine: Brother SE 400 which is a MAJOR upgrade from my six year old White Quilter machine. It works great. I'm still working with the tension on this machine and getting it figured out to my liking, so this changing pad was my first real 'go' with it - so the lines aren't as smooth and 'perfect' as I would like, but it is functional.

If you need a good project for a baby shower - I'd say this is it!

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