Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Boy

Ace is a busy boy and being that he is so busy I am always on the hunt for new and exciting things that we can do together... but that aren't so involved that I can't stop to tend to his sister. It's a delicate balance of one on one attention mixed with watching the two of them. We recently joined the Children's Museum that is here in town and he absolutely loves to run around and see all of those neat and exciting things. His imagination can run wild there and so can he! They have a new arts and crafts project every week and he entertains that idea a little bit. He still in some respects has the attention span of a toddler. ;-) We've been a handful of times and he is never ready to leave when it is time - so I consider that a successful outting. We usually stay about 2 hours.

Living in Mississippi we are blessed with the warm days and evenings that allow for Ace to play in the water pretty much anytime we allow it. It's plenty warm enough from the moment he wakes up until well after sundown for him to just splash away with a hose, sprinkler, or cups of water.

But I want to be able to show him new and exploratory fun this summer. So I've been on the hunt for craft projects, activites, and interactive fun that we can create, explore and discover together. Helping him to learn and discover new things. To soak up more knowledge and have fun at the same time... and to not be a tv zombie... or just a little wrinkly sponge outside in the water all day either. ;-) So stay tuned for the fun that Ace and I (and Mae) will be exploring this summer! I've got lots of fun projects lined up!

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