Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This needed to be documented immediately...

Ace is such an adorable kid and I feel his antics and insights need to be memorialized in print in case he outgrows them. After his nap he asked to play outside in the water. I turn the faucet on just a dribble and he entertains himself by filling up buckets. After a while he brings his chair over to the door and asks to go sit out on the front porch and eat some carrots. This was not a one time thing. Earlier in the week he proclaimed he wanted to wait outside for his dad to come home, eating carrots, and reading his new magazine. haha I love that kid!

Today, while enjoying his carrots outside Ace heard the ice cream truck and came inside to get me to show me the ice cream truck down the road. As we were walking back to the house, I asked him if he would like some and he said yes and so I grabbed him a mini dove bar out of the freezer and went back outside. He took one sorta bite as the chocolate coating started to crackle and melt on him and the following takes place.

Ace: I don't want this anymore.Me: Are you sure?
Ace: Yes... I don't like ice cream it's too expensive and too messy. I'm just going to eat my carrots.Me: Oh...ok.

I love my kid and he is still out on the porch crunching on a ton of carrots. Silly and healthy boy! :)

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