Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day!

Sharing Mother's Day with my family is a great joy - Loving Husband does a good job to make the day special for me and now that Ace is getting older he is able to 'help' some in doing his part. This year I again got to 'sleep in' and have breakfast in bed. Mae didn't quite get that memo so I was still up well before 8am. Ah well. I was greeted by a giant gummy grin, so I can't complain one bit. Next up I received a card from my family and I love it. I've read it a lot. :)

After my loving card and breakfast in bed, I grabbed a shower (another Mother's Day treat, hehe) and then we all got ready and posed for some pictures with my little ones.
Then we went out for a walk. We took about a 2 mile walk to a local park and packed some picnic supplies and enjoyed just being out and about. It's not too hot here yet, but we were still pretty warm - we are NWers after all.

On our walk we saw our first alligators not in a zoo! The first ones we saw were just babies, but then the boys saw one giant guy that was lurking in the next storm drain. Apparently he was massive, I missed him - and I'm not too sad about it.

We enjoyed the park and the marina for a while before heading back home for nap time. It was a great afternoon out and about.

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brianne said...

Looks like such a great day! Watch out for those gators, snap!