Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Four Months Old

Wow what a month of excitement - first I'd like to say that Mae escaped any major illness in her 4th month of life - which mommy and dad are very thankful for after her severe illness she had in March. No fun for sure. She did have a tiny cold just before our road trip, but overall has been quite healthy. We are very thankful for that.

Mae's firsts this month: her first road trip, her first time in OR, ID, UT, CO, NM, TX, LA, and MS, her first time in a hotel room for that matter, her first (official) Easter, and rolling back to front and her first attempts at crawling too! and finally teething began this month.

Yes, in the mobility department just in the last week Mae has made incredible progress. Since her first few time rolling from tummy to back she only has occasionally repeated this process. Well last week she started doing it much more regularly and just this past Sunday Mae in a very concentrated effort, after several minutes mastered back to front. She's so happy that she can get herself in the position she wants to be in and in fact is quite the roller now. She doesn't quite understand that she can roll to get to things at the moment she's just satisfied with the act of rolling. She also is trying desperately to crawl. She's got the back leg part down, she can get her knees tucked up and under her but her arms still do not have the strength to help her with that - so on occasion she does get enough traction with the carpet to push herself forward - she's been working on that these past couple of days and is actually pretty good at it, but she gets frustrated so she doesn't make any distance of much measure. But she's on the verge and I'd guess by her next "birthmonth" she'll be mobile officially (her brother was crawling at 6 months so we'll see!) She also really enjoys to 'walk' and does really well to lift up her legs and move her feet forward while we hold her hands and give her support. It's pretty adorable.

Mae continues to be a very happy baby. She's almost laughing and she smiles a LOT. She's also quite the talker - she will ramble on and on and just talk to you. It's adorable and I'm glad I have that on video to remember later.

Sleep wise, Mae is doing pretty well - with the road trip and the new place we've kind of gotten off track on her longer stretches simply because it was all new and different, but she still is going for longer stretches on the first stint. Although she unfortunately has decided, like her brother, that 7:30am is WIDE AWAKE time. This is unfortunate for her brother because he doesn't get an hour+ of mommy-alone time first thing in the morning. However, Mae is good to take a morning nap - often in her swing and that is the time that mommy and son can play.

Teething is in full and sad force around here. I can see some tooth buds below the surface and Mae's doing her best to bring them in. She chews on everything and is a faucet a lot of the time with drool. She is definitely a drooler with teething. Ace never had any of that he was dry as a bone. Still think we're a ways off from the teeth breaking through - Ace took about a month to actually 'teeth' before his first tooth broke through.

We don't have a pediatrician yet, so we do not have 4 month stats yet - so I'll be getting those in a separate post. She is still pretty itty bitty and it's funny because everyone thinks she looks SO BIG in her pictures - and we agree her head looks huge in pictures compared to how tiny it really is. After all she was in the 10th percentile for her head size at 2 months. Apparently the camera adds 10lbs to babies as well ;-) We're looking forward to a fun summer with our little girl and sharing more SUN with her!

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