Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Weeks Old

Mae is three weeks old (and one day... I'm a tad delayed in my blog posting.) It's hard to believe that she is 22 days old. This last week has once again flown by.

Every day she becomes more aware and is slowly becoming more aware and awake in her surroundings. Which also means she's less content in the car seat all the time. She now requires to be sufficiently fed and burped otherwise she voices her protest quite earnestly! Oh boy howdy. Our family of four adventured out to dinner one night and on the drive home, she was voicing her starvation with QUITE the volume. Very reminiscent of Ace's wails in the car. Hopefully, Mae's wailing will be far more infrequent. We actually had to pull over on the 10 minute drive home to stop and feed her, she was quite ravenous. Goodness...

Sleeping continues to be going well. She occasionally has an off night where she wakes more frequently or takes a tad longer to go down to sleep, but for the most part she remains a good sleeper. I hope the trend continues. Ace when he was small was also a good sleeper... but after the newborn haze wore off... that all changed. I'm prayerful that for Mae things will be more seamless on the sleep front.

Mae has been enjoying more tummy time this past week, and interacting with her dad more and more... as she comes to realize that she doesn't officially need to be eating ALL the time when she is conscious. :)

The handful of times that we have gone out to eat, Mae has done wonderfully. She either sleeps through the entire thing, or does very well to enjoy a snack and then continue to snooze afterwards. She's very manageable to take out to eat, and we've done it several times in this past week.

This past week she has been extremely gassy and spitty. It doesn't seem correlated with food that I am eating though, so I think it's just the tiny intestines trying to work through all that food that she's eating.

She is doing really well holding her head up while looking at mom, dad, or brother... and loves to stare at us intently while we're awake. She completely has my glare that is apparently genetic. It's pretty cute now, but I suspect come 12, I won't find it as endearing. ;-)

Mae is doing great and we are so blessed. Ace continues to do great as a big brother. He loves to help. Today, I asked him to go get me one of his diapers so that we could get ready to leave the house, and he came down with one for him and one for sister. It was so sweet. He truly does think about her and wants to hug her, hold her, and help as much as he is allowed. We're all doing well... but as always would love more sleep. :)

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