Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Month Old

Our little girl is one month old! Doesn't seem possible that 31 days ago we welcomed our tiny girl into my arms and making our family of four complete. Mae has been doing really well and is growing and developing wonderfully! Mae's stats at her one month wellness check up today were great. She weighs 8lbs (17.14%) and is 20.5" long (27.94%) and her head is 36cm (24.38%) - overall she is tinier than Ace at one month.

New first this past week: smiling, meeting Grammie, playing on her playmat, her first Superbowl, her first trip to the waterfront, and her first trip to the zoo.

Mae is continues to do ok with sleep - waking 2-3 times after she finally goes down. Getting her down for sleep has proven to be a mild challenge. It takes nearly an hour for her to cease being grunty enough to stir herself back awake. Hoping that she continues to improve. The other night she slept for nearly six hours. It was excellent!

Mobility wise she is doing really well with head control and scooting across the floor with pushing off of people's hands. She also is starting to grab at things and bat at them with her hands. It's really cute to watch her be aware of things around her.

This week is the first week that she's really starting to smile at us. She is adorable! She also really and truly calms down when she hears her big brother singing her a song or talking to her. It's really sweet.

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