Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Adventure, Just Us Three!

It has been wonderful to have Loving Husband home on paternity leave for such a long time, although with that drawing to a close the obviousness of being on my own with my two babes is becoming more and more a mandate and less of an 'option' - so I decided to give it a go last week. Our first adventure just the three of us was to Babies R Us.

Loading into the car is easy enough and I actually have done that several times with trips to drive-thrus for food and pumpkin bread (Starbucks) - this however was my first 'out of the car' experience juggling the two kids. Ace did very well and was a good listener. He wanted to stay out of the cart at first and help push and that was fine for a while.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at stroller options. We are wanting to have a single stroller in the car in addition to the double one, so that I don't have to haul the massive beast of the double stroller out all the time. So I need to find something that is small enough to fit in the trunk of my car with the double stroller... and I'd like something a bit more 'full of features' than a simple umbrella stroller. Not sure if that will happen or not. So he got a bit bored being in one area for a lengthy period of time, so he agreed to sit in the stroller for a while. There isn't much space to shop with the car seat and Ace in the front seat... so I suppose that will cut back on my shopping a bit... naaaah. ;-)

He was such a good listener I told him he could pick out a toy, so we headed over to that area of the store. He found himself a train and then we continued to shop. We came to the baby toys and he saw something he wanted to get for sister. I explained that we were only going to get the toy for him today, and he said he wanted to get the toy for sister. I further explained we were only buying one toy, and so he handed me back his train that he had spent a good 5 minutes picking out. He really wanted to buy the toy for sister. It melted my heart. I pointed out that if we got the toy for sister that he wouldn't get his train and he said "That's ok mom." so we went and put the train back, he turned around and gave sister her toy "Here Sister, play with it!" I was so touched by his selflessness, I took him to the book aisle so that he could pick out a book (after all that isn't a toy, so it still held true to my 'one toy' declaration earlier) and he smiled and said "Thanks, mom!"

We checked out and headed out of the store after a successful first outing, just the three of us!

Since then we've ventured to a handful of other places and we're doing just fine. Ace is a very good helper and listener. I find it cute when we're in the car and sister is upset he says "Calm down, Sister. It's ok, Sister." Partially he wants the volume to decrease, but he also really is concerned for her. It's sweet.

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Heather said...

Awww!! He is such a sweet big brother! :D I love it.