Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowy Days

This week has seen all sorts of weather from sunny and 45' to snowy and below freezing. We here have enjoyed watching the weather unfold from inside our toasty home - but we decided to venture out one morning to enjoy the freshly fallen fun for a bit. :) Mae got to experience snow for the first time sleep through going out in the frigid temperatures bundled up so tightly that she wished there was a fan on her! Technically this was the second snow of Mae's life - the first night she was home it snowed over 5" but by the time we awoke it was pouring so there was no going out to experience it. However, this snow stuck around a bit longer and so we were able to enjoy it.

Ace and Mae got all bundled up and I fit back into my regular snow jacket (yipee!) and we headed out. Ace was excited to tell sister that 'this is snow sister'' and showed it to her - then scampered off to go stop in the sloshiness that was melting on the patio. A few family photos and then he was off to play and Mae in her bouncy chair enjoyed the brisk air on her face for a few more minutes.

We spent thirty minutes playing around (Mae got tucked back inside for most of that) and then we all headed in to thaw.

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blueviolet said...

I can't even believe the cuteness of these photos! You have a beautiful family, and I think it's hilarious that your little bundle has no clue she just experienced snow! :)