Monday, February 21, 2011


Mae and Ace are super blessed kids. They have three grandmas and one loving Pop Pop. Ace loves any chance he gets to see any and all of them and in the last six weeks has had the great pleasure to spend time with all of them. Mae also is getting an early start on loving her grandparents - as they all made special trips to come and see her!

As mentioned before Gran and Pop Pop graciously watched Ace for the two day and nights that we were in the hospital having Mae. He had a wonderful time and they were the first (and only) visitors we had to the hospital only a few short hours after Mae was born. They were able to hold, cuddle and love her within the first few hours and see her very tiny self!

Grammie (my mom) came up the first of February for a week. It was a joy to have her here and to help with Ace who developed a cold over that first weekend she was here. So not only did she get to squeeze and love the new baby - she was a tremendous help in helping keep Ace the very helpful and loving big brother away from his sister until his symptoms disappeared. Thankful he had a mild cold, and Mae did not catch it. We had a great time with my mom here and she was able to see Ace participate in swim lessons while she was here as well!

Grandma Carol, along with Loving Husband's sister and brother in law were just here this last weekend. It was great to have Ace and Mae see their Grandma Carol, Aunt and Uncle. Ace loves all three of them and had a blast with so many captive audience members at his whim for the two days. :) Grandma Carol of course was thrilled to finally meet her newest grandchild. She had hoped to come the last weekend in January, but sadly came down with a cold and had to postpone until this weekend and come with Aunt and Uncle.

What blessings my kids have in these 4 grandparents and also in their Aunts and Uncles! Such love surrounds them and they are truly blessed. I hope one day soon they come to recognise that as well!

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Mom said...

I feel that we are the ones who are blessed to have such wonderful kids and grandbabies!!