Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Eve of Three

I'm not sure why three is such a significant capture of time for me along the milestones of my babes - but it is.   Maybe it's the way I categorize their photos - one for each month of their lives... until I stop counting in months... when they turn three.  Whatever the nostalgia of it - it is once again happening.  Mae is turning three tomorrow.   I still have until 2:53pm before it's official, but no one really counts that.   When she awakes tomorrow she will be three.  

18 hours old

As I did with Ace I have compiled a collage of Mae from Month 1 through Month 35 in a collage.    It's hard to believe she was so tiny, and yet is still so tiny! 

36 months have past since she entered this world.  She's had many adventures, so many on her own path differing from her brother's.   She's her own spunky spirited self and a mirror of me in many many ways.   I look forward to the coming year.  Mae will finally get to start school (in September) she's been wanting to since she understood that is where brother goes.    She has much excitement yet to come.  Happy Birthday Eve, Sweet Mae!

Our mother-daughter journey continues.  I hope that it only can grow stronger and greater as time presses forward.   May she continue to love Jesus and grow into the amazing person that I believe she is destine to be.  

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