Thursday, March 28, 2013

Still Smiling

How do you say goodbye to someone that you've known for nearly a decade?   Who in the last two years impacted your life more in that short time than ever before...   Who in two years lived more life than some do in a lifetime...   Who never let cancer take her smile...  Today Katie is resting.  Katie is near the end of this ugly road she's been forced to walk.  Today when I went to see Katie, she still smiled. 
Cancer is ugly, it's mean, and it's ruthless and yet it still doesn't have control.   Katie decides and with that Katie wins.  We may never have a clear understanding of our purpose here.  However, we fortunate enough to know Katie and love her have been given the gift to see the impact and perhaps her very purpose on this earth - to show hope, love, grace, determination and most of all - the beautiful mother she's been to Kennedy.  Kennedy is Katie's heart, her love, her life and the part of her that will go on in this world.  Katie accomplished so much in her lifetime, but Kennedy was her most cherished accomplishment and a beautiful legacy.
Katie, as I said today - I love you.   I love that you 'stole' my wedding date and in turn 'gave me' an extra week of a honeymoon as a result... (After Loving Husband and I got engaged we picked August 7th, but then found out that Ryan and Katie were getting married that day and as a result we got married the weekend before and since LH was in their wedding - we had to delay our destination-honeymoon by a week, thus giving me an 'extra week' of a honeymoon stateside.)  I love that our girls play so well together.   I love that in these last two years we've become closer friends. 

Thank you for sharing your love, your story, your time with not only me - but everyone.   Thank you for being you.  Sometimes that meant being down right embarrassed and annoyed by your husband who is rocking out to karaoke at Dana's house.  To watching football sometimes more intently than the men in the room.   To always being generous whether at baby showers, birthdays, hosting parties, etc..   Thank you for the privilege to capture your memories this last year with Kennedy. 

May your final time on this earth be peaceful - may your goodbyes be all that you hoped and planned for them to be.   May your continue to never let cancer take your smile in this final stage, even if it's only on the inside.  It was beautiful today, my friend.  Go with God.

2008 at Ace's baby shower.  Not my finest, but I think Katie looks stunning.

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Carrie said...

Katie has such a beautiful smile and beautiful heart. Her fight has been such an inspiration to those around her. She will be missed.