Saturday, November 24, 2012


It was another fine festive Thanksgiving with family around us!   The morning began with the boys participating in a football game and I introduced Mae to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!   Ace watched a bit and SIL joined in as well between playing with the kids. 

We hosted the meal at our house and Loving Husband and The Brother-In-Law did all the cooking!   Yes, BIL and LH had a good time in the kitchen and the 'women folk' stayed out of their way.  It was blissfully awesome!     The food was delicious with dishes such as turkey meatloaf (it's really yum!) and a molassas and pomagrant glazed turkey.    Gran and Pop Pop joined us along with SIL who came with BIL of course! 

After much prepping over the span of 4 hours (not too bad compared to the hours some people put in the kitchen on this fine feast of a day!)  then it was time to chow down.    The table was set with a bit of decor - mostly the kids' handprints cut from some finger painted pages that Mae and Ace had done a few weeks back.   Sort of a hand-leaf smattering about, some wooden trivets, and a centerpiece that I pieced together with some gerber daisies and random other bits I had laying about.

After most of the meal was consumed there was a bit of familial frivolity while those of us married in refrained from participation for a more an amused spectator role.    Ace thought it was great fun and decided to try himself, although it was ruled his nose needed to grow a bit more.  :)

Overall a wonderful evening!  A nice blessing to gather all together.   Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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