Friday, November 9, 2012


Oh right - way back in the day in the month called September - our littlest man adventured to his first day of Pre-K.   We started our morning out with pancakes and a Skyped call with Grammie.   Loving Husband had to get to work early and so sadly wasn't able to hang back to enjoy the first day of school this time around.   Ace was super excited about school (and the pancakes!)

After we finished up breakfast he got dressed in his school clothes and headed out to take his First Day of School pictures and and Mae was excited to participate as well.    Then off we headed to school!

He was so excited to go to school and ran right in and put his folder where it's supposed to go and he was off playing without a second look back then.  Bye then!  :) 

After school we went to pick him up and he was happy to see us.  Mae really wanted to wear the backpack and so Ace let her and upon getting back to the car I had lunch awaiting him and he was quite excited about it.  :)   Let the new school year begin!  

Fast forward to today - Ace continues to love school - has made one new best friend - and misses his old ones from last year.    He loves his teacher, he's learning all sorts of things and is very close to reading!   We're very proud of him!

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