Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A North Pole Breakfast

Once upon a time there lived a little elf named Ellie who lived at the North Pole - she decided to come visit and enjoy a bit of frivolity around here for an extended game of hide and seek!  Oh boy what excitement - well she likes to arrive in style and in doing so she brought Ace and Mae breakfast.  :)   Last year, Ace had a great time with Holly the Elf so we can't wait to see the enjoyment that Ellie brings to our lives this year!

Welcome, Ellie!
Thanks to Pinterest in a few key links my inspiration for menu choices and decor were brought to life. Although I have to give a good shout out to Little Pumpkin Grace ... and Hudson too! as she was my main inspiration for this project.  :)  Ellie's helper (me) got to work to make a winter wonderland at the kitchen table.

The kids woke up and Ace came downstairs and lit up with excitement!  Ellie had brought marshmallows (which she had thrown everywhere!) donuts (which she had sampled) a few frosty friends from the North Pole to hang out, candy canes and hot cocoa.  

Ellie had also brought socks for the kids!  Ace was adorable asking - "Did Ellie really bring these or is it just pretend?"   He knows the reality of Santa and so he's always trying to figure out what is real and what is pretend.  It's sweet and I said it's pretend, but we can pretend that it's real!  That made him smile that Ellie had brought him socks from the North Pole!

Mae enjoyed dressing up in the table decorations and putting all the marshmallows into her hot chalket.    She did not drink any of it.  :) Eventually the candy cane went in the drink as well. 

Ace had a great time and wanted to eat lunch at the North Pole table too. Sounds good to me, little man!    Happy Holidays!!


Carrie said...

so cute! such a great idea :)

cb defillippi said...

Your creativity is amazing...I love all the tradition you are making...