Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Festivities

This was Mae's first Halloween and Ace's fourth (gasp!) with the move looming we were a bit at a loss as to how best to handle the whole event.   Do we carve a pumpkin?  Here or there?   Do we have costumes?   Simple or elaborate?   Pack them or ship them?    There was a lot of uncertainty on our arrival home - but in the end everything worked out well.     We went to the Pumpkin Patch in Biloxi and decided that we would carve our pumpkin there too.   

Ace once again helped decide what kind of face the pumpkin should have and helped dad cut open the top.  Ace agreed this year that the pumpkin could have a scarier face, but not too scary. Dad did most of the dirty work scraping out the innards of the pumpkin while Mae watched quite curiously as to what he was doing.

We had a few nights left in Biloxi where we were able to light up our jack-o-lantern before we donated him to the neighbor and headed on our journey across the country home.    Ace was very excited to see the pumpkin lit on the nights we remembered to do so. 

Their costumes were proving to be tricky - we didn't want to carry anything large or bulky in the already overstuffed vehicle, and not knowing if we'd be home in time for Halloween also precluded us from mailing costumes directly to the house at our arrival destination.    So I found a solution of some matching skeleton fun for the kids.   Basically glow in the dark pjs.  :)    Which they wore on Saturday to a party.

However, after that afternoon party it was clear that neither of those costumes would cut it on the crisp night in the NW.   They would have been completely bundled and nothing would have been seen!   I had already broke down found a cute monkey costume that did make the cross country trip with us for Mae.  I just couldn't resist!  The baby costumes are just so darling!   So I knew I needed to find something for Ace.  So on Halloween we headed to Target to hunt for something festive and there it was a size medium (way too big) Incredibles costume.    He wanted nothing more - so we made it work with a few tucks, rolls, and binder clips. :)   The sun began to set and the kids got ready!  Ace was very excited for trick or treating!

"Protecting my identity is the most important part, mom"  Well ok then!

I added a festive Halloween bow to Mae's monkey costume for a girlie touch!

We kept telling him he could yell 'Trick or Treat!' and he said "I like to say it really quietly..."
Ace did great with the scary stuff  and loved going up to the door by himself. Afterwards we came home and Ace enjoyed eating candy before bed! 

Mae only got to enjoy the outside wrapper of the candy this year... but enjoy it she did!


Victoria said...

Today is Friday, November 4th and a special day because it is the birthday of somebody I love so much. Happy birthday, my friend.

The kids are beautiful. Love all the pictures. I miss you so much!

Hea said...

You're home!! How did I miss this?

We'll have to plan a get-together of some sort for us to hang out and let the kids get some energy out. :)

Love the costumes - both versions. Very cute!!

Heather said...

I'm an idiot, that last comment was from me, but I hit enter before finishing filling out my info. *blush*