Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - November

Surveying our delivered produce!

Yummy apples!

Bath time!

I'm 10 months old today!  Hooray!

"Where did all the other fish go, mom?"

Pretty cool to get to do the pumping himself!

I love fall here!

Mae Mae took a very long snooze after the doctor's appointment

Let's go pick up dad from work!

Beautiful sunset!

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Peeper said...

I love the farm share box - opening ours each week is the best treat! Your kale looks beautiful!

Still, nothing holds a candle to a sleeping baby, does it?

brianne said...

Love the sunset photo - so glad your first box came, its so fun! (although we had to cancel ours this week since neither of us would have been home to bring it in)