Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Professional Cut

Ace has had several haircuts in his short existence.  In fact his first came far to early in this mommy's opinion - but we're past that.   For a long time I just used the little manicure scissors and that did the trick for a while.   Last winter I invested in a pair of haircutting scissors and that was good.   I'm not too bad at the job.  However, in the last few months haircutting became an extreme exercise in patience for both mom and boy.   Him asking every 2 seconds "Are we done yet?"  wore on my nerves and on his ability to sit still.  That's when I decided that it was time to hand over the job to a professional! 

I took Ace to a small shop that is designed for kids and after some explanation of how it would all work out - he was excited and set.  He got to choose the seat, a movie, and away he went!  

He wasn't a huge fan of the clippers and the noise they made near his ears, but aside from needing a bit of reminding to sit of straight a few times - he did great.  

Sides are done, now onto the top!

All done! 
Overall he did very well and I think we'll return - although probably not every month.   I think I'll do some maintenance with the haircutting scissors and go in when he needs the clippers :)

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