Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunny Skies

The closer we get to going home the more and more I am enjoying and appreciating the sunlight!  I love the NW and I even love the overcast chilly days and often don't mind the sun being absent for days and in the fall/winter weeks at a time.   However, I've been spoiled.   I've now lived in the south going on six months and I have seen the sun, probably every day with the exception of maybe two days.   

The whole family has nice sun kissed skin - tans!  Little Mae even has white crease lines where her little rolls didn't allow sun... all of these features are soon to fade as we venture back home.   As it is - no one will be too overtly jealous of our tan skin as they hardly will see it since we'll be bundled up freezing our tushies off (yes tushies) since it's barely dropped below 75' since our arrival here.   

This morning for the first time since our arrival it was colder here than back home.  It was only by a couple of degrees and within a few hours we had reclaimed our role as the hotter city, but nonetheless fall has arrived both here and back home and while a sweater here would send me into a fit of heatstroke, still it is chilly for Biloxi, but the sun is still shining in the beautifully blue clear sky. 

I will miss the bright blue skies that are sometimes filled with gorgeous clouds or sometimes just a vibrant blue clear sky.  Somehow I really think it is blue-er here.     It's gorgeous!  It truly has been a great time to enjoy the sun, the beach, the warm weather - even in the fit of the awful heat this summer it was an overall pleasant experience.  

I'm sure Ace will miss it as well - not that he still won't run around outside and have a blast doing so in more layers - but he likes to be 'naked' (aka wearing only underwear.)   Often the first thing he does when we come home from being out and about is strip down to his undies.   Even here in our 72' house he complains he's 'cold'  so he'll have a rude awakening when he returns to the NW to our house that we used to keep at 65' in the winter months.   :)    

If you look the right of the photo you'll see this was a double rainbow! Beautiful!
 It's been a beautiful, sunny, and warm place to live these last six months and we've enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I am not sure what it is about back there but everything seems so much bolder in color. These are pictures and memories you will all have forever. :)

Mom said...

Love the shot of the plane.. Your Gpa would of loved that!!