Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Themed Sensory Box

My favorite time of year is fall.  I love all the rich colors of leaves and decor - the new crisp days (at least in the NW) and the falling of the leaves.   Which is why I was so excited to make Ace's latest sensory box.    It also works out perfectly, as it will last us for the entire fall season - since with a move in the middle of our school time - I won't be making a new box until December.  

Inside this box is: hay (I bought a small size bale of hay, but the 'craft' size would have been more than sufficient,) a fake pumpkin, felt squash and felt leaves, silk leaves, foam turkeys and chipmunks, and foil confetti leaves.    A lot of similar items, yes - but in different shapes and textiles.  Provides plenty of opportunity to sort, sift, count, identify, etc..   Overall this box cost about $12 - although the felt leaves and squash (which were also coupled with felt pumpkins) were used in one of his trays so I suppose that I could not factor those into his box cost in which case this sensory box would be under $10 :)

Ace is enjoying this box - as is his sister.   We knew that it was only a matter of time before we'd have to rethink the best way to play with the sensory box now that sister is standing up and very proficient at mobility.   Yes Mae WANTS that box.  She wants whatever is it.  :)

Ace is of course a very patient and loving brother and doesn't care if sister is touching it as long as mom is nearby.   He's a smart kid to know that mom will keep track of her and that he doesn't need to worry.  He also knows if she tips it over it isn't his fault.  hehe.   

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