Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nine Months Old

In about a half a second that headband goes flying!
Little Mae is nine months old!  She is a chatter box that is increasing her free standing, her acrobatic twists and twirls, and still isn't a huge fan of actually consuming solid food.    Yes, she loves to snack on her milk though and hardly looks like she misses a meal.     She's a happy beautiful girl who is very smart (all parents say this, I know!)

Mae's newest experiences this month:  free standing, a visit inside a lighthouse, waving, clapping, test driving a new car (ok riding in one), and the word 'bah bah' (brother.)

Yes, Mae has really begun to babble a lot and she uses the 'lalalas' now and still is very into the words of 'mama' and 'dada' and in the last couple of weeks she has added in her other favorite person 'bah bah' her brother.   She talks to him and even asks for him in the morning when she wakes up.  It's very sweet and I love that she loves her brother so much.    She is signing pretty well and certainly understand a lot of what we say.  She mostly still only signs 'all done' and 'milk'  but we're working on her with 'please' 'more' and 'eat'.   

Speaking of eating - she's not terribly interested most of the time.  I try to get her to eat solid food while her brother does it - but she doesn't want much.  She will consume the puffs and french fries if we have those, she'll gum up a cucumber, and obliterate an orange slice, but actually consuming baby food or even any 'people' food for nutritional value seems to be of little interest to her at this point.    I'm not too concerned.  She's still growing pretty steady and she's not looking like she's missing a meal so she's doing fine.   She'll get there eventually.  :)   We don't have stats until next week... so stay tuned.

Sleep for Mae and the rest of us is sub par - I feel we've declined even more than last month.    She's just not sleeping long stretches, she's flipping over and CRAWLING in her sleep!   She's very squirmy and squirms herself awake.     It's mildly frustrating so we'll see what the weeks to come hold for us.  With our moving soon it doesn't bode well for much.   

Activities for Mae include tackling her brother, eating paper, and chewing on just about everything else.  She loves to play along side her brother and Ace does a great job to accommodate that.   She however just loves to eat paper and she can find it anywhere.  She's so excited to consume it!  I don't get it - we try to avoid it, but she continues to do it.  Siigh. 

Mae is doing very well with her free standing - just in the last few days she has gotten better and better with balance and standing for longer times.  Mae has also started to wave 'bye bye' and 'hello'  and also has started to clap - all of these things are just super cute and we love that she has the biggest grin on her face while she does it. 

This was quick month and I suspect this next month will go even faster as we get ready to move and make a road trip again.   Mae is doing wonderful and is a joy even if she is a little terrorist when it comes to sleep. :-/ We have officially entered the phase of pictures that make it crazy impossible to get the typical shot.  Last month it took the whole family.  This month it was Aiden and I doing our best to get her to smile AND sit still... wasn't happening - enjoy some outtakes! :)

She just rotates over and over in a circle like a little tornado!

So proud of herself!

Smiling at her brother!

Free standing and sooo happy about it!

To see Ace at 9 months click here.

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