Friday, July 18, 2008

Purpura annularis telangectoides

Yup, I've got that. To simplify it is "commonly" referred to as Majocci's disease. Now your thinking: Huh? What? When did this occur? Yah me too. Sunday morning I woke up and had two lovely spots on my leg. They were almost perfectly circular and looked like someone had jabbed me with a piece of bamboo or something. They were not bruises, or at least not ones that hurt. They didn't get any bigger or alter in size, so I waited until my Tuesday doctor's appointment to ask Dr. Chien about them. She was equally as baffled, so after some blood work in Dr. Chien's office, I trekked upstairs to make an appointment for Thursday with the dermatologist.

On Wednesday evening, Dr. Chien called to say that she had spoken with her brother (a dermatologist) and he instantly knew what it was, he said that sounds like a textbook case of purpura annularis telangectoides. After further researching it for herself, she called and provided me with her findings. She was positive that's what I have. A trip yesterday to the dermatologist confirmed what Dr. Chien told me, and I'm back to my daily life… with some spots. They seemed to have lightened some since Sunday, but for the most part they are staying strong.

So what is purpura annularis telangectoides? Majocci's disease, typically presents with annular (circular) erythematous plaques and patches which have central areas of atrophy, commonly in a symmetrical distribution on the lower limbs but occasionally on the trunk and upper limbs. Girls are more often affected than boys, most often in adolescence or early adulthood (I guess that it's flattering that 27 is still considered "early adulthood.) Despite a chronic relapsing course which lasts several years, the disorder is benign and self limiting and treatment is neither effective nor required. The only drawback or "side effect" is that they potential will permanently discolor the skin. That and it can take years to fade.

So why now? No one knows. There is no link or correlation to pregnancy and this disease. Both Dr. Chien and the dermatologist simply think it is chance that this emerged from my person while I was pregnant. It figures. I have all sorts of other weird and inexplicable conditions including my idiopathic stabbing headaches, so why not one more weird ailment that no one else has heard of!

Besides having a new disease that there is nothing to do for and fret about, pregnancy is progressing well. I am almost always boiling hot, Loving Husband sleeps with far more covers on, while I sleep with none or at maximum a sheet. The window is always open regardless of how "cold" it gets outside, and I usually have two fans on me at all times when I'm sleeping. My latest doctor's appointment we established that I'm right on target, my uterus is up to 35cms, and baby Ace's heart rate is 147. My next appointment is on the 29th and we'll be seeing then if he's head down or not. :) If he's not… .well we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it!

At home we're down to 34 days if he goes to his due date. However, I'm hoping for him to arrive around the 8th or 9th (38 weeks, and thus full term!) In which case we're down to less than 3 weeks prior to his arrival! The nursery is complete and waiting for him. I need to finish the ties for the bumpers that I made for the cradle, there are a few more essentials we need to pick up before his arrival, and our bag needs to get packed, but other than that – we're ready to have him here!

Loving Husband and Wayne are almost done building the fence that we share, it's looking very nice. We'll also be putting in a gate between our house and that fence so that we have a "fully fenced" yard and besides that life around here is pretty normal. I'm enjoying reading about 6 books at once and Loving Husband has enjoyed his new game Conan. Life is happy.

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