Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tomorrow it begins...

Didn't I just write about my boy's first day of preschool?   Wasn't he just turning two?    Didn't he just learn to roll over??   No, no I guess time has gone by and we press forward into more adventures and milestones.  Tomorrow we will mark another start to the latest chapter into childhood - the start of kindergarten and primary school.  Five days a week.   Ace will be doing half day - so it won't be terribly different from his preschool experience as far as time goes, but the class size will double (if not more) and the school is quadruple in size.   So while he's got an early start to the education and the listening to a teacher, this is a whole new adventure that we will navigate together.   

All summer Ace has been excited to start.  This morning he seems equally as excited and I hope that sentiment remains. When asked what he's most excited about starting school he says:  "That I get to go to school more.  I get to play with new friends."  Tonight we will go to an open house where we will be introduced to his teacher and see his classroom.     This mommy is mostly excited about his adventure too!  I can't wait and I pray that he'll have a wonderful experience and make as many great friends at he did at his preschool.  

Mommy has already taken an active role in getting him into the best spot for kindergarten.    He was initially assigned a PM slot and mommy wasn't a fan - started at 12 and ended before 3pm.   Smack in the middle of day, and while Ace no longer needs a nap - I wasn't so convinced all his classmates would be in the same boat, so a whiney bunch of classmates, a teacher that already had taught the AM class and time a day that Ace is notoriously ravenous for a few hours - just didn't seem the best choice, so I called in June and they asked me to wait until August 8th to call.   And I did as soon as the office opened on that day.    There was some push back and a hiccup in that there was also a specific teacher I didn't want Ace to be assigned to (which he was) so I had to be a tad persistent in the overly-nicest way I think I ever have had to problem solve, but Ace is now in AM kindergarten with another teacher.     Hopefully the office doesn't have a 'note' by my name already.  ;)

So tomorrow we'll march into school with what feels like a giant backpack for my little guy - armed with his supplies and hopefully great anticipation for great things to come!     We're so proud of you, Bear!  Although there are many days this is how big I think you are.  :)

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