Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Quick Introduction

Tonight before dinner there was open house at Ace's school.  It was an opportunity to see his class, meet his teacher, and generally get that initial unknown element out of the way.   He was pretty excited to go.  Our family of four set out on an exciting adventure for the boy! 

When we first walked up there were people out in the courtyard and he seemed a tad hesitant at the number of people there were there.  He said cautiously "Um, maybe we should wait until there are less people."  We reassured him it was ok and that this was a bigger school so there were going to be, in general, a lot more people.  He seemed to accept and process this just fine and we continued forward to locate where his classroom was.  

We played outside waiting for them to unlock the classrooms - and Ace was happy to be able to run around and swing on the bars that were in the area.    He didn't really socialize with any of the other kids, but he tends to do his own thing and then warm up to talking to the other kids.   He was enjoying showing us his new school.    :)

Once the doors opened we walked to his classroom and while Loving Husband signed Ace in, I grabbed the paperwork and Ace and his sister went to find his seat!  He will be sitting at a table with four other kids and so that will be interesting to see how that works out.  :)   Generally the class seems huge to me, I didn't get an exact  head count today - I'll ask tomorrow - but seems like so many for such a young age!! 

Upon meeting his teacher he was pretty shy, mumbled hello and not much else.  It was sweet and pretty standard for our little dude.   He went around exploring his classroom and had a lot of fun looking at all the books, the calendars, the subjects.  He tried to read everything he could and then asked for help on the ones he didn't yet know.    It was really cute to watch him explore. 

After we headed home, had dinner, and then got ready for bed where we read a book that seemed appropriate for the occasion.  :)     We talked about how he was a tiny bit nervous, but mostly excited to start school tomorrow!  I walked him through what all he needed to do in the morning and then kissed my boy goodnight on the eve of  him becoming an official kindergartener!   Sleep well my boy, dream big dreams of school!

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Grammie said...

Hope you have a WONDERFUL first day of school. Grammie knows that you will love your new adventure! I am looking forward to you telling me all about your new class. Love you!! Grammie