Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Not sure if anyone noticed, but my post on Saturday was the first in nearly two weeks.  I took a break.  I took a break to reflect what I wanted out of this blog.  Where this blog has been, where it is going, what does it mean.    That and I was tired.  I've been feeling worn down lately for a variety of reasons, frustrated with illnesses, circumstances and communication.   Not felt like saying much... and not so ready to write the celebratory 1000th blog post!  

In May as this milestone approached I was excited - I thought about getting a sponsor and having a giveaway, but then I just couldn't find something that was fitting. June rolled around and my numbers of posts became closer and closer to the grand occasion and I still wasn't sure what I wanted to actually blog about ... so I stopped blogging.  For two weeks.   If you look back prior to 2009 a two week gap isn't much to note.  I never blogged more than 2-3xs in a month for several years. 

The tone of this 1000th post is starting off far from celebratory, but aren't milestones also opportunities to simply reflect?    It seems to me a look back at where I've been would be good.   This blog in large part has taken on many roles - a catalog of daily events, a sounding board for my own growth and grief, a catalog of my children's milestones and adventures, a review and giveaway forum, and most recently a place to share my photography.   For the last eight years this blog has been a place to gather my thoughts, share my feelings, and a piece of my life - this post is no different.

Aside from these words of pondering - I couldn't come up with any words that were so profound that they needed to be memorialized here in this the 1000th blog post.    As a result I am going to fall back to what I know best, my current focus: photography and allow you to enjoy 1000 photos from the past eight years

I've always loved photography - and the innovation of digital photography truly allowed that passion to explode so I had plenty of 1000s of pictures to wade through to create this collage.   1000 pictures is kind of hard to display in a concise manner.   The pictures are itty bitty so and I was on the hunt to find a way to display them in a unique manner.  So I went in the hunt for a mosaic program.   I found on Cnet: AndreaMosaic a free mosaic program that is super easy to use!   So if you'd like to make your own, enjoy!  :) 

Thanks for following and reading, I'd happily blog without an audience as I find this to be a good way to document my history and memories, but sharing it with others is always fun and often rewarding!      Here's to another 1000 posts!


Lyxa said...

Congratulations to your 1000th post - which is an incredible number!!!!! I just wrote my 150something post... love the mosaic, btw. Can't wait for your next post!

Greetings from Germany!

SparksOfBlue said...

Awesome - congrats!! It's been awesome reading and being inspired by your creativity. Hope I figure out a way to translate that into a successful blog of my own! Love ya!

brianne said...

Great image idea - and congrats on the milestone :)