Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Graduate!

Last Day of School!  Ace decided he wanted to be a fireman...
although the day before it was a policeman.
Ace had a great first 'year' of preschool!  Yes, our time has drawn to a close on our first school experience!   He loved it!  There were many MANY theme days and he enjoyed participating in almost all of them.  

The big day arrived and it was just as big of a production as his mother's day program.  Loving Husband echoed the sentiment stated by the dad in The Incredibles about celebrating mediocrity and merely moving from one grade to another - and while yes, it's true, it's still something to be proud of.  It was his first (half) year of school completed and he is fully done with preschool (technically!)   Next year he begins Pre-K at the same school site. 

The ceremony began with them all walking in to graduation pomp and circumstance.  It was cute as they all filed in with their teacher and their borrowed hats on.  

After class pictures were taken, the hats were collected and the program of 10 songs began.   Ace was less enthused to participate in these as he was the Mother's Day program but he still enjoyed some of them.    Particularly he loved "Apples and Bananas"  song (you know the one where you change the vowels)   and especially enjoyed the props.  :)

Ace and his friend ... and other kid who I didn't get permission to put his face on the interwebs, so I won't. :)

After the program was over they received their diplomas and buckets.  Pictures were taken with his teacher and then we enjoyed some cookies and chatting with his teacher and classmates.  

 Ace will really miss his favorite friend from school. They no longer will be in the same class come the fall. Ace is moving on to Pre-K and his friend who won't start kindergarten in 2013 will remain in the preschool class for an extra year. Ultimately they'll still see each other for playdates, but it won't be the same and I know Ace is a little sad.

Mae wanted in on the picture action as well. :)

We are so proud of our boy!  It was a great first year of school for Ace.   Can't wait to see the adventures he has in the fall!

Our graduate!


Carrie said...

awww he's getting so big! Congrats Ace!!

Heather said...

Awww! Congrats to him!