Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Ten - April

April already? The sun is shining, the blossoms are blooming. It's a beautiful day in the Northwest.  To add to that happiness it's the tenth day of the month so enjoy Ten Twelve on Ten with a bit of a glimpse at our Easter fun!
 She does this when she's nursing too...

Editing my Easter photos of the kids...

Crawling off the bed after an early morning nap.

Yay Dollar Bin weaponry!

Need a lufa? Festive bathroom decor and a nice option for guest. ;)

Why yes this is the Green Monster Smoothie!

Who needs a nap when you can giggle with your siblings?

Slaying dragons and making memories.

Check out more 10 on 10  you won't be sorry!  :)   Happy Spring, everyone!  Happy 15 Months Old, Baby Girl!


Denise @ Keep Calm and Carry On said...

beautiful blossoms and beautiful children too!

brianne said...

Looks like a great trip to TargeT! Glad you guys got to enjoy the sun a little bit.

Sara said...

I love all the color in your pictures! These easter photos look adorable. :)

Angel said...

Cherry blossoms (I think that's what those are) are pretty.
So much beauty there!
Looks like you and your kiddos had a fun day!
Great set.