Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Crafternoon with The Ravenna Girls

Last Saturday Brianne and Danielle of The Ravenna Girls invited a few local bloggers to an afternoon filled with inspiration, crafting, and lots of shutter clicking in capturing the festivities!   They put together an excellent space outside on a lovely sunny Saturday in Seattle!   You can see more of their layout and how to set up your own Crafternoon over at Joy of All Crafts.

It was a delightful afternoon of crafting, wine, sun, and good company! It was nice getting to know some talented and crafty new people, Melanie and Jenny.   Bri and Danielle had a lot of options for us to craft with: paint, glitter, dye... you name it - we probably could have crafted it! 

We first started with dyeing some wooden beads that later we would string to make various necklaces.   There was a whole construction project that occurred in order to have a bit more hands free approach to the dyeing. 

The end result for me was something I'll actually wear! Success!

I brought supplies to create fabric flowers - by twisting fabric and using fabric glue to secure it as you go.   My ultimate plan is to make a springtime wreath for the front door, but for our crafternoon project I brought alligator clips to make them into hair clips.   D also planned to make hers into a pin, broach style.    Lots of possibilities with fabric flowers!

Next up was leather crafting that Jenny brought.  Jenny demonstrated for us how to work with the leather and the tools and we were unleashed unsupervised. 

I have to say the banging hammers and making impressions on leather I am very good at.   However, first cutting the actual leather, I just did not have enough umf to do it...  so my geometric shape really was just a sad little scrappy thing - that's ok I can work with that.  I'll admit I had a bit of crafty envy with the shape of D's.

The use of Martha Stewart Transfer Adhesive and foil with it... I'm less than stellar at. The knowing when to just let a craft - die. Serious fail.   See the foil wasn't work for me, even a few tries and tries again and so I figured why not another step, pile on the awesomeness!  Here was an example that Jenny brought for us all to be inspired by and then to the right is my tragedy stellar effort!

After that fun but tragically unsuccessful craft for me,  Bri brought out supplies to make their infamous neon nautical rope bracelets.  Love them!  Thanks for the tutorial and the help when my brain still wasn't processing it well!! :)

Finally what better way to end a crafternoon than with a delightful cupcake.   All the other civilized ladies thus far have posted pictures of their whole cupcakes.  See Melanie's here.  Me?  ...a picture came second! ;-)

Thank you, B and D for the invite, the creative space, and excellent company!   Can't wait to do it again!

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brianne said...

Love that picture of D, haha!