Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Tea Party

Last Saturday a boy and his dad set off on a 7 mile hike, Ace's first!  They had a grand time.    Us ladies stayed home and had a tea party.  There were guests, hats, bracelets, purses, food, dishes and most importantly lots and lots of fun!

Mae enjoyed gathering all her babies to join us.  For a little girl under the age of two she certainly already has amassed quite the collection of baby dolls.   She loves them all and after gathering over TEN of them she hugged each one and shook her body back and forth in a rocking hug motion.  Adorable.  

Mae chose a less traditional method of getting 'tea' out of the teapot - less pouring and more scooping.  She enjoyed giving some to her dollies, but mostly herself and mommy.   It was delicious.

This made her very excited.   It made mommy smile an awful lot too.

Mae decided that tea time was over so she grabbed her purses and was off. Thanks for playing!

After a raging tea party she reclined back on her exersaucer and let her feet be her guide to some tunes from the tree.     It was a fabulous way to spend an hour with my favorite girl.  :)

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Pieces of Sunshine said...

Your second photo and is gorgeous and your last captures the emotions so well.