Thursday, March 5, 2009

Delight or Dislike

Teething Products!

Like all parents of a teething baby I have become an expert - or even worse an opinionated consumer - on all things teething related. No, not even close, I'm just getting started in the teething world, but I do have something to say and kudos to give to one company in particular for their teething products.

Dislike:First of all half the items out there that are for "teething" wouldn't fit comfortable into MY mouth, let alone my 6 month old son's mouth which like all babies is substantially smaller than us wide-mouthed adults. So can someone explain to me why they make teething "rings" so wide? I know. I know they aren't ALL like that. There is no need for them to be that thick, the same result can be achieved with a thinner product that can actually fit into my child's mouth. I understand that his tiny mouth will get larger and therefore as a teething tot these teething "rings" will be useful... but for now I'm stuck with frozen wash cloths and the following...

I am delighted to share with you that I absolutely love the Sassy products for teething. Now for those of you that appreciate the giant rings or larger items, Sassy does make those products as well. However, the ones that make the grade in our household are the ones pictured here. Sassy refers to these creatures as their Coolin' Teether and are advertised to be BPA Free! A very important detail in our home.

Ace's favorite is the snail, he's able to grip it and it fits comfortably into his mouth - he even has the hard plastic option if he fancies that. He also has the turtle that is designed in the same fashion as the snail that is equally as thick and accommodating to his small mouth. The textures of the snail and turtle are great. We don't have the hippo, in fact I haven't seen the hippo in stores. At Babies R Us the turtle and snail are coupled together.

While these tend to warm up faster he seems to be just fine with the temperature - as occasionally the frozen wash cloth proves to be too much! Ace used the snail to bring in his first tooth and is still chewing away as the others near the surface.

As time goes on I'm sure I'll have more to say, but at the moment I wanted to give Sassy a delightful shout out - and pass on my findings to you!


3 Bay B Chicks said...

I echo your rave review of the Sassy products. Friends recommended the line to me after my second was born. They made a HUGE difference while my daughter was teething, and, like you said, you just can't beat BPA free!


B said...

Serious? I'm going to have to find some for my teething bundle of joy. Thanks for the heads up.