Sunday, May 29, 2005

Road Trip

1348 miles later - I am in the NW.

The road trip was most excellent and although Carrie and my adventures were limited mostly to the I-5 and Outlets, it was a great time. On the top of the list of wild and weird things we saw, was for sure the boat trailer that lost a wheel on the freeway and the lone tire rolled off and started a brush fire. Poor boat people, but still mildly comical after 500 miles in the car. It seemed that we beat the rain at all of our stops by a few days and the whole trip was great and sunny. Heck even in the NW.

My second favorite memory was the tiny town of Kalama. :-) Population...10? It was great and a nice break before we powered on into town. No cops stopped us... an added bonus, considering at points I was pushing over 100mph. We killed almost all of God's created bugs. Made stops in places such as Buttonwillow, Gilroy (shopping!), and Willow... sadly no stops in Corning or Weed. And this by far, besides gas was the cheapest road trip EVER. We stayed every where for free. Everyone bought us food, at most we paid for lunches. It was great! Thanks to Carrie for coming with... it wouldn't have been nearly as fun AND neither of us would have been able to read Harry Potter while touring through all the cow-farms of the I-5! How sad would that have been?

Carrie left in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday and I started to settle in. I am enjoying the stay, but much studying has already set in. I am a note card making machine. :-) AND I treated myself to iPod with all graduation fundage. Yay me!

Loving Husband and I are doing well - much to the shock and dismay of all that know that I am in the NW and he is in CA. We're amazing like that. ;-) Hope all of you are well... I still need communication with the outside world, people! You know the email address! Enjoy the sunny So Cal summer.

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