Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best of 2015

Best of 2015

Best Event:  Back to the Future Party
Best Movie: Inside Out (I know I know I will have Star Wars fans out to get me, but truly this cartoon made me cry twice and such great layers to it!) 
Best Over-Played Song: Fight Song
Best Book: The Martian
Best New-ity of 2015:  Gymnastics - Both kids joined in 2015 and after the first session M went on to join a team to learn more skills
Most Shocking News of 2015:  Mom's surgery

MW's Words of the Year:  -ism
Jo's Word of the Year:

Events of 2015 in no particular order:
1. Gymnastics
2. CA Visiting x2!
3. Checking out of Children's
4.  Vegas!
5. Seahawks lose the Superbowl >_<
6.  Disneyland!
7.  First NFL Game!
8.  Epic Limo Birthday Night
9.  Walking my first 10k
10.  Seeing Star Wars on Christmas

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