Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back to the Future Party

I love these movies!   Seriously spend a LOT of time watching them and for years I've known I wanted to host a BTTF Party on THE night that they go back to the future.   October 21, 2015.    Well thanks to the director's great foresight that this would be a 'thing'  - that day was a Wednesday!  Gah!   But we have great friends and that didn't stop us!  Much party and prop prep - including outsourcing the Flux Capacitor to my friend who REALLY should go into set design and prop making we had a 'real' working flux capacitor (well sort of, no time travel was attempted... probably because we were lacking the delorian.)

Yes we were equipped with the Cafe 80s which included the large TV screen of lots of 80s-riffic tv options,  re-hydrated Pizza Hut pizza (yes that center pizza is the original version)  and because well all the movies were so great - we just had a medley of all the fun.    Loving Husband even came as Bufford Tannen from the 1800s.  

We set up a photo booth at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance which ended up being some comical entertainment.    

The Jennifers!

One cannot have a party with some outdoor specific elements to the party!    Such as the clock tower! ... and sleeping Jennifers at the party!  Because well she was asleep for MOST of the movie on some porch somewhere.

Needless to say 2015 may be devoid of functioning hoverboards,  flying cars, and rehydrators for our pizza - but it still is a pretty cool time and well the clothing really isn't too far out there.

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