Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween 2013

I'm a little late to posting, but the kids had another great Halloween!    This year we had another Superhero and this time Captain America was chosen! Mae early on chose to be a Purple Princess and as mommy hunted for a perfect little dress for her - I came up with nothing, so I made her outfit.   Piece of elastic and 4 rolls of tulle in various purples and some black and a ribbon to hold it onto her shoulders and the dress was born.   Toss on some of her regular purple clothes for layers, a little feather hair accessory and a crown and the Purple Princess was ready to go!   The kids had no issues this year in the understanding of how this whole Trick or Treat thing works and had a great time going with their friends again this year.  They even scored full sized candy bars at two different houses.   Mommy that night ate one and my little girl the next day found the evidence and was MAD.  Man did I ever get a sneer out of her!  She's so silly and sweet... and easily offended!  It was another great year of fun and silliness! 


Checking out their haul

Guess I should have hidden the evidence!

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